Fixed Dental Prosthesis Course

Course includes a FREE Bur Kit

Full immersion in preparations and impressions in fixed dental prosthesis two day course. The course sets itself to teach an easy method that allows to get high quality and precise preparations and impressions, even for professionals without any experience.

Course includes a FREE Bur Kit

Course Aims:

Participants at the end of the course will be able to make complete tooth preparations that meet the aesthetic requirements, mechanical strength, retention and stability, with full knowledge of the characteristics of the various finishing line typologies. Participants will also learn a simple and reliable procedure for obtaining a perfect impression with the ability to handle the various types of impression materials.

Learning Objectives:

Preparations in fixed dental prosthesis:

• Evaluation of the factors that cause prosthesis failure

• Conservation of biological structures

• Appropriate choice of prosthesis anchorage and finishing line

• Analysis of factors that influence retention and stability

• Clinical strategies for correct placement

Impressions in fixed dental prosthesis:

• Impression material characteristics

• Criteria of materials and impression trays

• Practical preparation of a bridge on a didactic model


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Fixed Dental Prosthesis Course

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