PRF -Platelet Rich Fibrin- course with the inventor Dr. Joseph Choukroun

The most complete & all-comprising PRF course with the inventor


Hard and soft tissue regeneration with PRF.
Biological factors for long term stability of bone and soft tissue with an overall approach to dental implantology.

PRF treatment delivers a fibrin matrix, platelets, growth factors, stem cells and white blood cells, as a result it accelerates wound healing and tissue regeneration, stimulates osteogenesis and promotes new blood vessel formation.
PRF contains approximately 10 times more platelet concentration than normal blood, therefore having great healing and regenerative properties.

Learn the theoretical and practical skills which will enable you to start utilising PRF in your daily practice.
Participants will receive up-to-date knowledge on clinical application of PRF in oral surgery, in implant dentistry, in dental extraction, in tissue grafting.

Friday, 25th March 2022 – LECTURE

  • L-PRF, A-PRF, i-PRF+, S-PRF, Sticky Bone with PomPac and PomSwing
    NEW! PomPac and PomSwing protocols to achieve larger fibrin
  • Relevance of protocols according to the low speed centrifugation concept (LSCC)
  • Biology of wound healing – Growth factors
  • Biology of Platelet Rich Fibrin
  • Clinical applications of PRF in dentistry (oral surgery, bone augmentation, sinus lift, dental implantology.)
  • Hard and soft tissue regeneration with PRF
  • Peri-implantitis and marginal bone loss
  • Biological factors for long-term success – positive and negative factors which control angiogenesis, blood supply and bone metabolism
  • Presentation of clinical cases and protocols

Saturday, 26th March 2022 – HANDS-ON

  • phlebotomy and blood drawing;  sampling and injections on mannequins and on humans (dentists in pairs)
  • using the PRF centrifuge machine
  • PRF membranes, plugs, sticky bone, liquid PRF preparation
  • specific suture protocol hands-on to increase keratinised tissue volume and to avoid tension
  • soft brushing technique to extend the flap while avoiding extensive oxidation
  • Pain management in oral surgery: improving the quality and duration of local anaesthesia
  • pharmacology; medications in case of haemorrhage/infection/discomfort and prevention of allergic reactions

Learn numerous clinical tips and tricks on hard and soft tissue management, the importance of oxidative stress, specific suture protocols to avoid tension, the soft brushing technique to extend the flap, peri-implantitis prevention and treatment, marginal bone loss and pain management for enhanced quality and duration of local anaesthesia.

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Course name

PRF -Platelet Rich Fibrin- course with the inventor Dr. Joseph Choukroun

Dates and Times

Various dates available, get in touch below for more details


David Game College 31 Jewry Street, London, EC3N 2ET

CPD Hours

12 hours of verifiable CPD

Course Price

£799 Extra Early Bird Discount until 30th November, £899 from 1 December onwards


Dr. Joseph Choukroun, inventor of PRF techniques